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Buying graphics Card?

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June 20, 2012 8:19:50 PM

Hi, im looking to buy a graphics card that can play sims 3 on highest settings and with no graphical issues or lag, and to be able to play expansions, and patches. I have an radeon hd 5770 at the moment but it is giving me issues with shadowing and flickering, and ive tried everything to fix it but i give up. I think im going to get a nvidia one as they seem to have less problems or less dramatic problems.

open for suggestions. My price budget is around £150, but it needs to be as good or better than the 5770. I was looking around on here and saw the GTX 460 and 560 seem good, but can anyone back it up with proof or pictures please?, also i don;t know how to see my psu but would be happy to tell you if i knew how.

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a c 182 U Graphics card
June 21, 2012 4:47:38 AM

Those two cards are way better than what you have now and I will link you to a bench marks to show you. Your PSU, to find out the info on it you have to open up your case just take the one side off.

Usually if you are looking at the front of your rig it would be the left side. Some where on your PSU will tell you on a sticker how many watts it is. If your rig is a store bought one just give us the brand and model number.

Like Dell XPX 460. Then we can figure out what your PSU is. But first try to see it on your PSU. Some where on the sticker it will say in very small number max out put 300w or 500w.

Ok now I will show the difference in bench marks between the cards. My pick would be the GTX 560 non Ti. Because it fits into your budget and it is better of the 3 cards. Good luck to you and I hope this helps.

5770 vs GTX 460

5770 vs GTX 560 non Ti

GTX 460 vs GTX 560 non Ti
a c 182 U Graphics card
June 23, 2012 1:39:43 AM

wickedchris123 said:
i woudln't mind paying £10 extra for this one, if it was significantly better, as i probably will move onto proper gaming games

Oh yeah that one tops them. I would go for it if you can afford it. Good luck. Cheers