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Hey guys, I'm looking to be making my first custom built computer. The things i was looking for was to be able to play MW3/BF3 on it. Most games like Arctic combat,Project blackout they say you should use a min P4. So i wana be able to play all those games on HIGH graphics. MY budget is About $600 CANADIAN. Please help.
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  1. Are you okay with a last-gen system? (LGA775 Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad) because it sounds like your not an extreme gamer, so you would getmuch farther with that. My C2D system was near 700$ total and it kicks Crysis 2's @$$. For snybody who rages at how its worth more getting a newer system, the OP is obviously budget limited and isn't into the most system-intense games, and LGA775 systems CAN handle beefy new games too.
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