Upgrading i7 vs staying with Cel B820

Hey guys, I hope you can help me out.
Long story short, i bought a samsung low priced notebook about 3 weeks ago, it isnt very fast with the 1.7 celeron dual core. A friend of mine is selling me his i7 3612 for 120 bucks which i believe is a cheap price I know the processing speed will be much better but how will it work without those dedicated graphics cards i see in the top end notebooks?
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  1. how about you see if that processor will even work in your notebook before you sepnd money on it. Since you dont list a model number you'll have to google for supported cpu's yourself.
  2. Oh yeah, its a series 3 np300e4c laptop, there is another version which has a new i3, it has a FCPGA988 socket with rpga988 package
  3. Hello,
    Did cpu upgrade worked for you?
    I am thinking to do the same, b820 is too slow.
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