Need a little help in figuring out if the pc i'm going to buy is ok

HI, thanks to anyone who reads this.

I was thinking about buying a PC for basic stuff and some light gaming, not like skyrim or anything.

The specs of the PC are as follows, i would love some feedback with some tips/modifications.

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 quad-core 3.4ghz
AMD copper high proformance cooling fan
Motherboard: Asus M5A97
RAM: 8gb
(2x) coolmax memory heat spreaders
1 TB hard drive cache sata 6.0Gb/s
ATi radeon HD 6770 1Gb ddr
Apevia X-dreamer3 metal case
(3x) OKIA heavy duty case fans
585 watt power supply

If anyone could tell me if i could do with less fans it would be nice, because i'm just at the tip of my budget. Thanks again
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    You don't need the heat spreaders for the RAM, they're just there for show really. You won't need all those fans either, the one on the PSU would probably be fine for the whole system to be honest, presumably the case comes with one or two though so you don't need to buy extras.
  2. Thanks a lot man! The guy trying to help me said I nearly needed all those fans which made me pretty suspicious, I just have another question. Do you think an Intel i5 2500 could run with just about the same cooling as you recommended for this one? With no heat spreaders and maybe just one extra fan with the one on the psu? Lastly, do you think I could get more for my money with an AMD processor over an intel? If so tell me what you think. It would probably make my day to get a response about the questions no one seems to want to answer.
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  4. Yeah an i5 would stay cooler than a Phenom (usually). Also you are normally going to get more for your money in terms of gaming performance with Intel. Although that particular AMD CPU is decent. It should give similar performance to an i3-2100, overclock it and it might get a bit closer to an i5.

    So long as you have a rear exhaust fan on the case, you should be fine with that setup.
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