CPU VTT, PLL Overvolt, CLL 75

I used to have trouble increasing past 4.4ghz, now after several changes as below it's stable.
I wonder which settings I can disable or decrease (VTT, PLL, CLL)

46 x 100 = 4.6Ghz.
Vcore +180mv
CPU VTT 1.20v (Default 1.10v),
PLL Overvoltage Enabled.
CLL 75% (I have nasty Vdroop)
My reported vcore is 1.392v - 1.424v during Linpack, mostly it is at 1.4v

Also how long run Prime 95 and Linpack?
But is it really necessary to be Prime95 and Linx 100% stable?
I passed 10runs of 2048MB Linpack with AVX, it took 6minutes.
I usually only have 2 hour gaming sessions, so If I have crashes in games I might run Prime95 with AVX for 2-4h.

If I can be 100% stable in games like BF3 and Max Payne 3 and never have BSOD and crashes I would be happy.
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  1. hope you are keeping an eye on your temperatures

    and using a decent cooler

    1.392v - 1.424v seems a bit high for 4.6ghz

    are you using a 2500k?

    or a 2600k?

    my 2600k can do 4.6ghz at 1.32v and 5ghz at 1.4v

    in my opinion its not necessary to be Prime95 and Linx 100% stable--though other people think it is

    if it doesnt ever crash doing the things you use it for then to me thats stable
  2. It's a 2500k, also it was 10 runs Linpack 2048mb stable at +180mv which is 1.392v - 1.424v (it was mostly 1.4v during Linpack).

    Also I tried +160mv which gave instant BSOD in Linpack, so I can't go lower then 1.392v - 1.424v.
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