CPU bracket (with pictures)

hello, i have an gigabyte ga z77x up5 th , mobo....
And I have an Intel i7 3770k Using the 1155 socket!
I got parts given to me , but all mixed up, Could anyone kindly tell me what bracket is for the 3770k and screws.(( I know it says 1156 , but it will fit my 1155 socket, i researched. thanks ))
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  1. The 1156 bracket will work with the 1155 socket, they are exactly the same, the only difference between the sockets is one pin.
  2. Ok great , so doesn't matter if I get 1155 or 1156 bracket mount kit, I have to buy a new one as I don't I'm not sure if its there in the picture . Amazing help bro
  3. Didn't your cooler or mobo come with a manual, it should say which bracket is 1155/1156.

    I would of thought it was the metal brackets in the bottom of the picture with a plastic thing on top to hold down the heatsink.....
  4. Ok ,I still need to buy the mobo, I thought I'd get prepared . I thought any one would fit as long as it did fit ? The one right in the centre ? I think... I'm not an expert . Yes I thought the ones at the bottom at first to .
  5. What is your cooler?
  6. It's a thermalright venomous x black .thank you so much for all this and still carrying on to assist me :)
  7. Thanks bro that helped so much. You know where I can get the mount brackets and screws .
  8. Don't you already have them?

    Ebay, Amazon?
  9. That's the problem bro, I only have the ones in the picture . They're all mixed up. Could you link me please . Thanks
  10. That's exactly what I need ,any uk websites would be great :) and how long will delivery take for that site ?
  11. Can't seem to find that bracket on any UK site, there are these - http://www.scan.co.uk/products/thermalright-lga-1156-bolt-thru-kit-revb-for-ultra-series-mux-120-ifx-14

    but i am not sure if these can be used on your heatsink.
  12. I cannot thank you for your help . And scan is the place I got my case from. Ill phone up and ask. Thanks
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