Problems with Realtek on windows 7

I just bought a new HP desktop that has Realtek audio. I cannot get any sound and have tried different speakers and headphones. Still no sound. All volume controls are on high. Spent 2 hours on phone with HP tech support, no solution. Information balloon keeps flashing on and off in system tray "you just undplugged a device into the audio jack" and "you just plugged a device into the audio jack" when I am not plugging or unplugging anything! Help!
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    IMO you should apply for the warranty. Don't try any other thing.
  2. has the Windows 7 drivers from realtek that should fix things. Only released on 19-Jan-2010 by realtek so no surprise that HP tech support had no way to help you.
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