Having problem with my in game resolution

I have a asus g53j (geforce 460m) plugged on a asus vs248 with hdmi cable

Now my problem is when i start a game my max resolution drop from 1920x1080 (on the desktop) to 1024x768 (in game)
this problem happens with ALL my games like Diablo 3, CSS, Aion, MW3

Ive tried many many things lke changing the game resolution in the .ini folder but it autoswitch to 1024x768 when i launch the game

Then ive tried to delete and reinstall my video card driver probably like 30 times but always the same problem

So when i dont play games everything is fine, i got my 1920x1080 resolution but as soon as i launch a game everything drop to 1024x768 and i can max it.... i only have choice for 800x600 and 1024x768 seems weird because before everything was fine

I really need help i just want to play my games on my hd screen

Sorry for the bad english !

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  1. ohh yeah and ive tried this with my second laptop , asus g71 (geforce 260m) and the exact same thing happens
  2. have you tried the latest driver for your gpu? This seems like a software issue but its odd that it happens on both of your laptops
  3. before i had the 296 geforce driver and it started going all wrong with the 301.42 but ive tried reinstalling the old ones many times and the 301.42(new one) and nothing change
  4. so with both the 301.42 and the 296.10 the same things happens
  5. so has it ever worked like it is supposed to?or from day one has it not worked? Do you have another monitor that you could try hooking your laptop up to? It seems like a long shot but that is the only variable that stayed the same between the two laptops
  6. it worked fine since the day ive downlaoded the diablo patch 1.0.2c and they told me to upgrade my videocard driver for better game experience

    LOL what a upgrade !!! 1024x768
  7. i got a 55" bravia lol i could try on it
  8. that stinks....have you tried re installing the original graphics drivers and see if that allows it work at full hd? if so then it could just be a driver issue and if thats the case you are gonna have to wait until they fix it unless someone knows of a fix that I dont
  9. if you mean by original driver the one you got on a cd when you buy the laptop then no but it seems like im the only one in this world with that problem and its one hell of a problem im not stupid i normally fix alot of things on my pc but this is retard
  10. can you tell me how im suposed to fully removed my videocard driver

    for me i go in :
    c:and i delete nvidia folder
    then i go in control panel and delete nvidia 301.42 in the list
    then i restart
    after i reinstall my driver and reboot again ive always done that beofre without problem
  11. what i mean by original driver that you had installed before you updated....to fully remove the driver I would first install a free program called driver sweeper...then remove all the nvidia stuff from control panel then restart and boot into safe mode and run driver sweeper then reboot and install the driver that you want
  12. oki i got banned i dont know why but here i am drums101
    bad new ive tried everything you just said and the same bug happens
    this is the biggest problem ive ever had with my computers
    MUST be someone here that knows how to fix this
  13. yeah but ive been playing my games just fine for the last 2 months its just since the last week that i have this annoying bug

    its not fun at all specially when it happens with both laptop i have
    i dont know if your desktop resolution is good like me because for me it only happens when i open a game .. but im a gamer so its probably thw worst thing ever
  14. this is a very odd and crappy problem it seems like it is a software issue if it just cropped up out of no where I will do some more research and see what I come up with....steven is the 460 you are talking about a desktop 460 or a mobile 460 like exept?
  15. Mine is a gefore 460m gtx and a 260m gtx on my second laptop :S
    Thx for your time drums101
  16. hmm thats odd that you have a desktop 460...so these are different cards have the exact same issue....have both you guys tried installing the latest drivers from nvidia? Doing in the process that I described in the earlier post?
  17. ohhhhh got some new important information a asus live update about my bios drivers just popped on my screen i did it and now my resolution can go up to 1280x720(widescreen) in all my games loll (its not 1920x1080but its a small upgrade)
    btw I still got my real 1920x1080 resolution on my desktop

    and now another asus live update popped again its the same driver wtf (V8.17.12.9616) ill try to download it to see if it goes up to 1080p this time ... lol this bug is seriously weird


    the asus live update in the link failed and now my max resolution in game is back to 1024x768 lol crazy stuff
  18. yea that is really weird give that a shot and tell me how it goes...I havent been able to find anyone else with this problem...it seems like it is something with software like bios or drivers
  19. my asus live update failed no more 1280x720 resolution back to normal (1024x768)
  20. did you install the latest graphics driver from nvidia like I described?
  21. I will... now i got the one before the 296.10 ill try the 301.42 again but im pretty sure it wont help :S

    It probably something about the bios then but im not good with this :S
  22. exept said:
    oki i got banned i dont know why but here i am drums101
    bad new ive tried everything you just said and the same bug happens
    this is the biggest problem ive ever had with my computers
    MUST be someone here that knows how to fix this

    The reason for the ban is in the PM you have received.
  23. im sick of this :S
  24. any luck with the latest drivers?
  25. nothing :( changed. this is probably some asus crap update that mess everything up
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