What happens if my PSU doesn't handle my system?

Well, yeah, the title pretty much says it all, I'am going to upgrade my GPU and my PSU but I was wondering what would happen if my current PSU doesn't handle the upgrade, will the PC not turn on? Will it bluescreen or shutdown during gameplay?

Thanks for the answers and best regards,
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  1. It will shut down if stressed , or if really under powered not start . It could fry other components if pushed hard and protection circuits don't kick in or are absent
  2. Mostly shutdowns and spontaneous restarts when the GPU is on load, but sometimes bad 3D Performance can be seen.
    Buy a quality Power Supply that handles your GPU and other components.
  3. Yea okay, I was just thinking on what would happen, I am buying a 7850 but i also need to buy a new PSU (Corsair CX500W) cuz currently I have an AcBel 460W and I dont know if its enough for the 7850 and the rest of the system which is:

    CPU: Intel Core i7 920 @2.67GHz(not oc)
    Motherboard: Pegatron Truckee 1.04
    Memory: 6GB DDR3 1333MHz

    Btw this is the ratings on the my current PSU:

    HP P/N :5188-2863
    AC INPUT :100-240V~9A, 50-60Hz
    + 5.0V ---- 13.0A
    + 3.3V ----17.0A
    +12.0Va ----16.0A ------------------------------------------|
    +12.0Vb ----15.0A ---- TOTAL 385W @50ºC MAX -----|
    +12.0Vc ---- 8.0A -------------------------------------------|
    + 12.0V ---- 0.8A
    + 5.0Vstb ---- 2.0A
    TOTAL 460W @ 50ºC MAX
    TOTAL 360W @ 60ºC MAX

    I just realized, is this a multi rail PSU? rofl
  4. That's a weird 3 rail 12v configuration but I would not trust my new graphics card to it, no way....
  5. Yeah, probably not... Ima have to save a few extra bucks for the PSU... But im kinda nervous cuz the board I have is known by not accepting any PSU or something like that, or over 550W doesnt accept or something weird like that...
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