Graphic card vs Monitor question?

I am a bit worry since I am not sure what happens if I don't enabled VSYNC and my Monitor is FLATRON IPS235 I think it only go up to 60Hz. My graphic card can do alot more. So what I am trying to ask here is will it mess up my graphic card by reducing it's life span if I don't enabled VSYNC due to Monitor limitation? Or it doesn't matter if my graphic card is wasting all the extra hertz. I hope you know what I mean since I can't really explained it well. I am playing Battlefield 3 and some other instense graphic gamings, I am just asking to see if it's ok and have nothing to worry about. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I dont think you have anything to worry about. I had the same thing with my old comp and it ran for 5+ years.

    would still be going strong if i had it turned on.
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