Should I get an aftermarket cooler?

So I'm building a gaming pc for the first time and was worried that the stock fan that comes with the i5-3470 would not be good enough.

I do not plan on overclocking, since I don't think it can be done with that cpu anyway, but I will be running games like Skyrim on ultra high settings (I've got a gtx 460 right now, but I'll be upgrading in the future to a 660 or higher.)

My case is a COOLER MASTER RC-692A-KKN5 and I plan on using all the fan slots available. Unless I don't need to?

If i do have to get an aftermarket cooler which one of these is better:
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  1. Hyper 212+ or Hyper 212 Evo will be good enough
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    Though you dont 'need' aftermarket cooling, you will be saving youself some noise. The stock fan gets pretty loud at full speed.

    Also, your chip can be overclocked, Its not an unlocked chip but intel still allows you to up the multiplier 3 or 4 steps (i forget which) and then you'll really be thankful for the 212.
  3. All right 212 huh? Works for me! I got a gift card for $20 so it won't cost me much at all!!

    Thanks to both of you for the fast response!

    EDIT:after looking at some of the reviews I'm wondering if the 212 will fit in my case.



    Will this thing fit in my case with the mother board I have?
  4. its a tight fit but the 212 does fit. You wont be able to use a sidefan anymore though.
  5. popatim said:
    its a tight fit but the 212 does fit. You wont be able to use a sidefan anymore though.

    So if I use the 212, I can't use the side fan... I guess it wouldn't affect it to badly to not have the side fan since I'm essentially swapping it out for a better CPU cooler.

    So should I just go ahead and use the 212 and no sidefan? That would keep it cooler when compared to using the stock CPU cooler with a side fan right?
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