GTX 460 VS GTX 550TI VS RADEON 6850?

Well I´m thinking of getting a new budget build for playing battlefield 3 at 1600 or 1680 resolution, which of this is better?

Ill get cheap amd 3.0ghz
Ill get cheap 4gb ram

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    a gtx 460 will perform better than a 6850 but if you can up your budget a little bit you will see good improvement with a 6870...provided the rest of your system can handle the 6870 you will be able to play bf3 at 1680x1050 no problem
  2. i play on high settings with 50+ average fps with the 6870 using 1920x1080 res
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  4. I just built an i5 3570k using a 480gtx, asrock z77 pro 3, 2x 250gb velociraptors 64mb cache sata3 raid 1 (boot), 2x 1.5tb seagate sata 2 raid 1 (storage), 16gb 1600mhz team vulcan ram. I play bf3 fine on max at 38fps
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