New & Improve vs. Upgrade & Replace - minimal budget dilemma!

Intel E7400 (3M L2 , 2.80Ghz, 1066FSB)
PNY 550ti (2Gb-DDR5)
Corsair 4Gb DDR2 XMS2-8500 (1066MHz , 2.00V)
W.D. HDD 640Gb (SATA, 3Gb/s)
WIN 7sp1 x64 Ultimate
Both my Gigabyte MoBo(s) just "died" (according to the *only repair shop I consulted)
Primary was great for last 3yrs w/no warning signs or symptoms... GA-EP45-UD3LR rev1.0
Only dab'd into OC tad bit but NEVER continuously nor was it, "at time of death!" Air Cooled x3 20mm CaseFans (always on max RPM) *note that this board DID however, kill x2 PCIe-x16 GPU's both about 1yr of use, then "done" & replaced with slight upgrade(s)!
2nd MoBo: older yet ...short lived, 32mins actually... GA-8I945P-G (w/ Pent.D 960 3.0GHz)
A-A-A-LLLLLLLL that ^ said, whew! I now present ..."MY QUESTION TO THE MASSES, you perhaps can offer up some insight or better yet - recommendation(s) for a disgruntled avid (yet broke more often than not) enthusiast gamer, would ya do what I think I'm going to do next... drop by the local FRY's or finally delve into the world of online shopping, Pay-POW or is it Paid-OWWW!? (cash guy myself-ya see?!)
Do I seek entirely new board & CPU (upgrade to something "more up2date" perhaps? Pending budget approval of course... oh almost 4got that catch! sorta relevant I'd say... $280-310.51 (MAX) <sigh> or I could maybe even learn through ya'll that I'm not as bad off as I feel that, I,, AM!? ooooh please wont someone answer my (lengthy -my apologies truly, sorry) cries for insight!!!!!??? thank you ahead of time for your attention & concern, if any.
((signed, hopeful & helpless))
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  1. I would suggest that you get a new motherboard and CPU combo, preferably an Intel based one. You have the perfect excuse to do so. It will be expensive, but well worth it for a "gaming enthusiast". Gamers need to upgrade more often than most people, so trying to revive your older setup will just needlessly eat into your wallet, and you won't even get any performance gains to show for it. Also, I do all my computer related shopping at or They're almost always cheaper than retailers like Fry's, and buying online gives you the option to research parts more easily and find reviews on them etc. Before I start making suggestions as to which specific parts to purchase, I need to know your budget. As in is your budget $280-310 with a copy of Windows 7 available, or will you need to purchase that as well?
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