Good AMD cpu to replace Phenom ii x4 955BE

I recently upgraded my GPU from a GT430 to a ATI HD ASUS 7850 2GB and I think ive got a bottleneck in my system

Phenom ii X4 955BE @3.5Ghz
12Gb Vengeance 1600 Ram
ASUS 7850 2GB
600w novatech PSU

i wanted to ask would it be better to upgrade to either a Phenon ii X6 1090t or a Buldozer 8core??

any help would be good, thanks! :)
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  1. Mobo ?
  2. I wouldn't think that 955 would bottleneck the 7850 that bad.
  3. my mobo is a gigabyte GA-MA790xt ud4p
  4. Your mobo doesn't support any FX amd cpu(bulldozer or piledriver).
    Only the upgrade to amd x6 phenom (thuban) 1090t or 1100t(the best ones).
    It's gonna be hard to find nowadays in the shops and they're both expensive, in my opinion not worth it.

    Here's the 1100t :
  5. Mine is at 3.7GHz and doesn't bottleneck am overclocked 6970. You should be fine. You might be able to get the clock higher though
  6. You should have no problem with your 955 and the 7850. What is making you think that you have a bottleneck?
  7. none,1090T,1100T,960T,970T
    those might be a hair better.
  8. none,1090T,1100T,960T,970T
    those might be a hair better.
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