Installing graphics card drivers without catalyst.

Hello, I recently got a friend's old graphics card (I will call it the new card), after removing the old one and putting in the new one, as well as removing the drivers of the old one, this one won't work. When I put the older card in the computer, nothing would detect it, untill I installed a driver for it, then it worked fine. It would seem as if catalyst can not see the new card, so will not give it drivers.

The new card is a radeon 7450 HD.
The old card was an nvidia 210 GX.
The motherboard is a ASUS M2A-VM AM2 AMD 690G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard.
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  1. You can install only the graphic card driver instead of catalyst control center. When you bring up the install screen select Custom. And uncheck everything except AMD Display Driver. Let me know how it works out.
  2. I downloaded what was described on AMD's website as the display driver installer manager (versions 12-4 and 11-12). It unpacked to C:\AMD\Support\12-4_xp32_dd_ccc and ran by default creating another set of files (it runs like an installer) at C:\Program Files\ATI\CIM then asks if I would like to update it (called AMD Catalyst Install Manager, the check box is grayed out, but it says it's already installed in the description box below it) or install an audio driver or runtime program. There is no choice for AMD Display Driver, presumably because the catalyst install manager doesn't see the graphics card. My computer seems to have trouble knowing what graphics cards are when they don't have drivers installed and calls them "unknown device"s.

    Forgot to mention this is windows XP 32 bit.
  3. Do you have another PCI-E slot you can try?
  4. I only have 1 and my nvidia 210G works in it (have to reinstall the drivers before the computer can tell what card it is too.)
  5. Have you updated your motherboard's chipset drivers and any other driver's for the motherboard?
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