A good case for my build or what?

So I've recently plunked down the cash and bought a HX1000W Corsair (I know, it's older but it's at least somewhat proven technology) for a good price. About $120, and I've got to send a rebate in. So I have a little extra room in my budget for another upgrade or two. I normally like mid-ATX cases because the area in which I put my PC is actually pretty tiny. But with this PSU I should have done a little more homework. It's too big to do any really good cable management with my current case, an Antec 300.

Now I said I have some extra money in my budget (figure ~$200) and I was thinking on a new case, one that can give me a little more room to grow. My last, I think, 5 builds have been in Antec 300's (I tend to like the 302 better, and I have one, but I am housing my AMD machine in it) but it might be time to go big or pack it in.

I was thinking about finding a Obsidian 800D for about $200, but that might be too big for my needs. My motherboard is only a mATX (although it does support SLI and CFX and has the features I want) so needing a case the size of the Cosmos II is not something I am looking at. I was thinking on a Silverstone Raven RV03 since I see them on clearance for about $145 or so at local shops.

Should I suck it up and drop the money on a full sized ATX case (and if so, what is recommended? I'll probably go through Frys.com or CentralComputers.com) or should I throw that money into a 3570K? I have a i3 2100 and honestly I have no complaints. I am not too worried about quietness, as my video card is probably the loudest part of my computer ( GTX 560 TI 448 FTW edition ). I was also thinking a case that can house a H100 cooler would be nice, as I might be upgrading this entire platform to a SB-E or if Haswell looks impressive I will probably go that route.

Any suggestions would be great!

1) I tend to not like windows on the side of my case. I'm not someone who likes to show off what I have. I just like a simple and clean look.
2) Cable management is king for me, since I swap parts fairly regularly. Looks are kind of secondary.
3) I want to stick with the bigger players. CoolerMaster, Antec (except the DF series and LanBoy AIR. That thing is hideous!), Lianli,SilverStone, Thermaltake, you get the idea.
4) It should be black... I hate white cases because they get dirty very quickly.
5) I prefer to have something that doesn't have a lot of fans already. I have some nice ones and I want to re-use them.
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  1. I recommend getting an Apevia X-TRPJR-GN. It's a good case, and has very good ventillation. It's compatible with your motherboard as well. Right now on newegg you can get a $10 rebate as well.
  2. Corsair 650D, I use it and it has wonderful cable management and loads of space
  3. The Apevia looks kind of cheap. The Corsair 650D is too expensive. I guess for now I'll leave everything in the Antec 300 and invest in some fans. Maybe I'll mod it a little (120MM hole-saw to the bottom to allow the PSU to breathe easier, and a fan grill) and maybe use some strong double sided tape on my SSD and mount it on the back of the MB tray. It's a SSD so that should be a good enough solution for now.
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