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AMD A8-5600K CPU Temp during Prime95-report

Update on my prior question on this forum. I selected best answer before I updated the status. Sorry to start a new thread. Since I couldn't find much online, I wanted to get my experience out for others to refer to. I hope someone finds this helpful in the future.

I ran Prime95 blend starting in the morning, watched it pretty closely. CPU Temp (SpeedFan) varied between 59-64 deg C depending on what test it was running. I let it go overnight because all seemed well. In the morning, realized I had forgotten to turn off windows update, so the stupid thing rebooted at 3AM. I got about 18 hours of testing in, but since it rebooted, I couldn't see results. Log file had no errors in it. I ran Prime95 Blend for 5 more hours (same temps), had no errors or warnings. I went ahead with software installs.
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  1. So, did you overclock the APU or what?
  2. I did not overclock. Everything stock, including cooler. PC for my dad - no need to overclock - he doesn't play games or anything.
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    Just remember the CPU also accepts some heat from the GPU as the CPU and IGPU are on the same chip, a maximum of 64c is good.
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