Final checks on HP computer

Now I have a final idea of I'm planning on doing. Is it a good deal, or what? Note that I can't build.

8gb Ram
600w PSU
1 TB 7200 rom
2GB DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 7570 (Doesn't matter to much because I am planning on upgrading pretty soon)

For $929, how is it? I know I could get a much better price if I built it or used ibuypower/cyberpower, but I don't want those options unless I'm REALLY getting ripped off. :D
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  1. For gaming a build with LESS CPU is normally the correct balance.

    Assume you buy the above build then add $200 video card.

    Stepping down to an I5-3470 saves over $100. You then put the extra $100 towards video. An I5-3470 build with a $300 video card is measurably better for gaming than an i7-3770 with a $200 card.

    (If the purpose of the system is video editing then the i7 system makes sense)
  2. Unfortunately, HP does not give those options, and I cannot build.
  3. HP Pavilion p7-1370t i5-3470 - 3.2 GHz, 1TB HD, 6GB RAM, Windows 7

    Read more:

    $719.99 or roughly $200 less than the system you have spec'd. PSU is only 300w so your video choices are limited if you cannot swap a PSU to something like HD7770 -- a nice $135 card.
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