Power supply and video card upgrade for gateway FX6860-EF10P

What would it take to do some upgrades for my Gateway FX6860-EF10P? Would probably want to do the power supply and video card.
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  1. You can use any ATX power supply and any PCI-E GPU.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    Would the stock motherboard in this computer handle most upgrades like the power supply and video card? Any other recommendations as far as upgrades to this particular computer to increase the performance?

    Thanks again!
  3. Yes the mobo will be able to handle PSU and GPU upgrades just as long as you have enough power for the GPU.

    Well you can upgrade the PSU to a 600W and you can get a GT660.
  4. I believe the PSU unit in this machine is a 750 watt stock, would i need to go bigger than that, perhaps and 850 watt to handle a better GPU?
  5. Hell no, most single GPU systems need 450W Max.
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