HIS IceQ X Radeon HD 7850

I'm looking to buy from a friend a AMD Quad-core 3.2 phemon x4 955, 8Gig ram, windows 7, and a it has a Radeon 5670 card.
I'm looking to get the HIS IceQ X Radeon HD 7850 for gaming. Is HIS a GREAT brand to get? Is the 7850 a great card?
Thank you.
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  1. "Great' is a relative term. The HD 7850 will give you excellent frame rates up to 1920x1080 resolution with max/near max settings. I've owned a couple HIS cards and had no issues.
  2. +1^

    Their IceQ versions are good. The 7850 in general is a good card for it's value.
  3. Just got my 7850 Today along with an i5 3550 and 8 gb of ram. Fantastic Card, brand wise I do not know. 7850 runs Bf3 on ultra at an easy 40 fps (* I have the Sapphire 7850 OCed version, so it might be different.)
  4. Sapphires are great graphics card too. I own 2 of their 6950 2GB. Comes with great bundle of accessories that always come in handy. No problem ever for almost a year of heavy gaming.

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