Advice on my bad cable management

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picture isnt that clear but as u can see it still looks messy... I am getting a longer PCIE cableb so i can route it behind my case but asides from that im pretty much stuck with that or as tidy as i can hide those damn cables.... So any further advice to hide those cable would be awesome....
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  1. hey my pc case does not have cable management holes but look at this
  2. sorry my pc isnt that big xD the case is bug enough for an xfx 7770
    but how about my cable management do not look right down at the yellow cable and silver cable beside it those 2 should be more in but

    no holes for cable management how does it like ?
  3. Ur 24pin atx power connector is behind ur cpu slot? O.o cause even with cases with holes will make it harder to hide then lol
  4. haha yea thats weird i know but yea icant move it xD so i shoudl accept it !
  5. I cant find a longer PCIE cavle any where.... I even went to my local computer shops and they told me if i want a longer PCIE cable i would need to buy a new PSU with the longer cable that it comes with..... Which i dont think its true at all..... My current one is like 4-5cm short and id really like to be able to route it behind my case haha..... So anyone know a place to buy these cablrs?
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