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So sorry if these are amateur questions. I opened up my Lenovo Ideapad laptop because I read somewhere that if the laptop has easy access then in some cases swapping a CPU is no problem. I always thought that processors were strictly integrated, but I haven't kept up with mobo architecture in years. So I unscrewed the heatsink from the board and the CPU was easily detachable. It's an Intel i7-720QM, and I plan to replace it with the i7-840QM. I checked Intel's site and I see no conflict with voltage. However would the BIOS auto recognize it? Or is the BIOS strictly written to only work with the processor sold? I don't know much about the flexibility for mobile upgrades but with desktops I do. thanks -joel
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  1. It should work as the i7- 840QM is only clocked a little faster, i can't be 100% sure though.

    Your laptop might get a little hotter aswell.
  2. thanks boss. maybe 2mb extra cache on the 840qm could add about 20% faster render or less?
  3. It might reduce times by that much mainly because of the higher clock speed, i am not too sure if the cache reduces render times.
  4. thnx Jay. maybe one last question :) Looking at the Intel Core 2 Duo family for another laptop. I am comparing the T9500 800mhz FSB vs. the T6400 800mhz FSB I currently have. the only difference compared from Intel's site is that the bus core ratio on the T9500 is 13 whereas the T6400 has 10. Would this affect bios compatibility? The reason for the T9500 is because it has 6mb cache whereas the other one has 2mb cache. Btw these old laptops serve as side editing SD units for my interns. Teaching them basic editing. I live in Turkey
  5. It shouldn't be a problem with support as the T9500 is older than the T6400, again i can't be 100% sure.

    It will surely make the laptop hotter because of the extra 600MHz.
  6. it all depends on whats programmed into the bios as acceptible cpu's. Google cpu upgrade and the model number of your laptops to see what has been tried or officially supported.
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