New GTX 670 working on x4 but not x16?!

So two days ago now I received my new GTX 670. Without any delay I formatted my. Computer and put the GTX 670 in where the 5970 was(x16). Now the fan started to spin but no image on any of my displays(DVI).

This made me think that the card was broken; but I don't give up without a fight! So I plugged it in my x4 slot and it displayed on both displays. That's rather odd I thought. I installed the drivers etc and it all worked. But then I remembered that it was in x4 slot and I didn't want that, did I?

So I plugged it in x16 and still didn't work. Now I figured it was the mono that was broken. But I took out the GTX 670 and put in my hd5970 and, huzzah! It worked.

So now I'm really puzzled and don't know what to do.

I want to thank all who responds in advance, I am feeling really. Wrote this on the phone btw, so I apologise for eventual misspellings.
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  1. What is your motherboard? Does it happen to be a Z77? If yes, just for curiosity sake, set the x16 PCIe slot to PCIe 2.0 in the BIOS ( only if it is a Z77 ).
  2. It's a gigabyte z68.
  3. Z68ap-D3 I believe it's called.
  4. Sorry for all the replies but "I am not allowed to edit" but when I plug in the DVI cables I have to winkle them in to the input and tiny sparks are emitted. Is this a problem?
  5. hardware not ment to spark..sparking is bad. might have bad card or bad cable.
  6. Probably not allowed to edit while in mobile. Don't worry. I understand.

    If your motherboard is a Z68, then I guess there is no issue like I mentioned.

    I have experienced those sparks when I do that with no problem. But I long avoided doing it & ensure that my PC is off before I pull any cable. Just to be on the safe side.

    Back to the problem, it is very strange. the 670 must be messed up when on a 16 lane slot. Do you have another graphics card to test with your motherboard? Or another PC to test the 670 ( a friend's perhaps)?
  7. Or if you have an older card that you can use on the x16 lane.
  8. I am now using my HD5970 on the same x16 slot. Also I fixed the sparks, the issue was apparently that i had plugged in the monitors and the PC in the same power outlet.
  9. What about another PC to test the 670 on a x16 slot?
  10. Can't do it. Have nowhere to try it. I mailed the seller that I want to return for a new, so well see how it goes.
  11. Getting a new replacement is the best solution.
  12. Maxbrand said:
    Can't do it. Have nowhere to try it. I mailed the seller that I want to return for a new, so well see how it goes.

    Good luck!

    That's too bad. I am starting to lose faith on the 670. So many problems cropping up in this forum & others...
  13. ^

    Yea I didn't expect the 670 to have much trouble.
  14. The card worked on another motherboard. Does anybody have any idea of what I might have done wrong or what I can do to fix it?
  15. Does the Z68 motherboard you have happen to be a Gen3 with PCIe 3.0 slot?
  16. I don't think so. It is a z68ap-D3 rev.01
  17. This problem is really odd. Both motherboard & the 670 work fine individually when paired with different models...

    By the way, when you say the card worked on another motherboard, did you see it yourself or the seller, to whom you mailed it back, told you?
  18. I did not see it myself but I doubt tht the support guy was lying.
  19. I have now used an eraser to clean the cards golden stripes, I have reset BIOS (twice), I have plugged and unplugged it over 10 times and I've tried with different power cables from the PSU.

    I have no single idea of what to do/try. Please help me, I really just want to get this damn card working on x16.
  20. make sure have the newest bios fixes.. there one for power on issues. f8 the newest bios for the mb.
  21. I do have the latest bios already.
  22. Did you ever get your GTX 670 to work in the x16 slot? I am having a similar problem. I have had my nVidia GTX 670 card working in the x16 slot for 11 months. And then one day, out of nowhere, my computer freezes on the Boot Screen. After troubleshooting EVERYTHING, I found that everything works fine if I move my card to the x4 slot. But, of course, I don't want the card in the x4 slot. Anyhow, I have a ASUS M5A97 motherboard. Any ideas?
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