Is this a good Build for Arma2 and possibly Crysis?

The Current Price i was aiming for was $600-$650. my max is $700. i don't really want to have MAX settings but at least Medium-High.
[NOTE: please make any changes but try to stay in the Price Range.
The List:

Graphics Card:






DVD Burner:

I had an old HP Pavillion and i could possibly salvage a fan and the case, and surely the DVD burner. Thank you for Responses!
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  1. The GPU is too weak. I'd get a 7850 minimum, Sapphire is a good brand.
  2. Smeg45 said:
    The GPU is too weak. I'd get a 7850 minimum, Sapphire is a good brand.

    What Do you think the overall price would be? and would i be able to play in medium-high settings? (ArmA 2)
  3. Smeg45 said:
    The GPU is too weak. I'd get a 7850 minimum, Sapphire is a good brand.

    And also will all of these parts work with each other?
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    All of those parts will work together just fine, however, as already mentioned, the GPU is a little weak for what you want to be able to play.

    Also, the choice of the case w/PSU is poor. I would suggest you buy a better case (I like the Antec Three Hundred Two) without the PSU and then add a good quality PSU such as the Corsair CMPSU-430CXV2 430W. Or Just reuse your old HP case and get a new power supply. However, most HP computers are built in cases that will only support a MicroATX motherboard so that would limit your choices there as well.

    You are also lacking an operating system. The OS from your old HP pavilion computer will not work because it is installed and activated to the motherboard from that computer. That's going to add at least $100 to your total cost.

    I also nioticed that you picked a CPU that is no longer in stock at Newegg and may not be restocked. The AMD Phenom II line is just fine but it is being slowly phased out and getting harder to find new. I would suggest getting a good Intel LGA 1155 motherboard and starting out with a i3 2100 or i3 2120 CPU. That would give you the option of getting a higher end i5 or i7 CPU later on. Intel CPU's are currently much faster than AMD CPU's and you will get much better performance with less power usage.

    BTW, does the old HP computer have a decent size Hard Drive in it? If it is at least 200 - 320 GB then you might consider just using it saving you the cost of a new hard drive.

    Assuming that you reuse the old HP case, the Hard Drive, Optical drive, Keyboard and mouse, I made a build that I think might work for you at

    It's a little over your budget but it includes the OS and everything else you would need.
  5. To tell you what model the Pavillion is, that would be the HP Pavillion a705w, which is about 4 years old. :o I think the power supply has 480watts. The only problem is that the power button gets jammed whenever you push it, probably an easy fix. i would probably scrap the DVD burner. the Hard Drive is a 40 GB Ultra DMA. runs at about 5400 rpm, not very good for what I'm doing. i have an old keyboard, mouse, speakers, ect. everything that would make a computer work (until that dinosaur died. :D) BTW, your parts lists price has gone down drastically in the past months, meaning its sort-of BELOW my budget! thank you for helping me out! - W. Michel PS: i have free copies of windows 7 Professional thanks to my dads company :3 PSS: could i upgrade the RAM to 2x4? And Any recommendations on Hard-drives? i was looking at a Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM costing around 90 bucks
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