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Hello there.

I'm building a PC and I'm waiting for my parts to be delivered. They're waiting to ship my stuff until they receive my graphic card (EVGA GTX690). I had the choice to get an ASUS GTX690 instead because they had it in stock but from what I read, I'm better off with EVGA so I'll wait. Correct me if I'm wrong there. All I need now is a Monitor for my rig. I'm looking for a 120Hz monitor with AT LEAST 24" in size. 27" would be great if image quality is there. I've been looking at ASUS and it seems pretty good. My budget for the display is roughly $600 to $700. Next year maybe I'll do a 3 monitors setup but for now, I'll focus on a single one. I'll use my PC mainly for games and photo editing if that helps. Let me know if I'm missing something.

Thanks guys!
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  1. How about this one?

    ASUS 27.8 Inch ($659.99)

    The response rate is great for gaming, large display, colors are good, and a refresh rate at 120Hz.
  2. Looks like an awesome monitor. But I've read people somewhere in other forums that 27" displays with a resolution of 1920x1080 make text look crappy and pixel are big over 1920x1200. Is this really noticable or not to worry about at all? And what about 3D. I will have fun with it in the beginning but I know sometime I won't be using it much. But if I want 120Hz, it comes with 3D capabilities right? Should I pick this one anyway just for the monitor and image quality? What about Samsung, BenQ, etc?

    I'll probably pick the ASUS VG278H. Looks like a good one to me. IMHO, I don't think that 1920x1080 on a 27" will make such a difference compared to 1920x1200 that it will make image look crappy.
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    Not really, you can actually adjust your browser's text size. I already have a 23 inch and it looks fine. Actually, ASUS is more game-oriented plus it has a good response rate if you play First Person Games. Overall, it's a great performance monitor. Plus if you ever wanted to play 3D, it has the capabilities.

    In my opinion, there will not be much of difference either.
  4. Are you looking for one that's capable of NVision? If so I totally agree with fantastik250's suggestion. Another good reason I'll add to his suggestion is because you'll be able to watch Blu-ray 3d movies, plus nVidia has a whole site dedicated to 3d movies (such as Youtube videos that are uploaded in 3d format) and applications.
  5. I was not particularly looking for NVision since I won't use 3D that much. Not saying I won't but my main focus is image quality and response. But thx for this info it's good to know that! I'll pull the trigger tomorrow or Monday so, keep giving me your suggestions and infos. Thx guys!
  6. What about Samsung S27A950D? Is it a good/better monitor compared to the ASUS VG278H?
  7. Yes, that is also a good monitor.
  8. Do you work with any graphics programs? Because some monitors run ready with the Adobe gamut/scale and sRGB color schemes.
  9. The main use for my computer is gaming but I do some Photo Editing with Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom4.
  10. s1l3noz said:
    The main use for my computer is gaming but I do some Photo Editing with Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom4.

    If you're not a graphic designer or a photographer who uses the PC full-time for that line of work I wouldn't worry about getting a monitor that has the Adobe sRGB scheme. That's just my opinion though, because those monitors can run upwards to a $1000. :o
  11. Yea right. I'm doing photography as a hobby, not for work or something. I had a pretty good full frame DSLR though (Canon 5D Mark II). I sold it 3 months ago to purchase a 5D Mark III in 2 or 3 months. Anyway, I don't wanna pay over $1000 for a monitor because to be honest, I don't think I'll see much difference for what I do.

    HP, Acer, ASUS VG278H or Samsung S27A950D? Man why can't it be simple... In some places I read ASUS sucks and Samsung is better. Some others say it's about the same... 120hz isn't necessary... higher resolution is the best... etc. It's hard making a decision when buying monitors nowadays. Too many different specs and biased opinions.
  12. Either way, both monitors have great color's. Samsung's have better color's. If you want to be able to play games such as a first person shooter or games that require faster timing than normal. Than you can get a monitor that has a response rate ~2ms. But, in the end if you are looking for a monitor that outputs higher resolution with a refresh rate of 60Hz, then that's fine as well.
  13. Off topic but man I am jealous of your 5D Mk III purchase soon. I have a Canon T3i that's doing me well through my shooting of video and photos.

    Back on topic: I agree with fantatik250, a higher refresh rates than 60 Hz would be wonderful for first-person shooters. I'll look around a little bit online today when I get some extra free time for some higher refresh rate monitors.
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  15. Sorry for this late reply but I finally decided to go with Asus VG278H since it's 100% compatible with my PC (Nvidia). No need to hack anything if I ever want to use 3D. Thanks guys!
  16. Good call.
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