Nfs shift is not working for my ati radeon 2100 graphics

hey guys i'm using ati radeon 2100 gaphics of 1 gb.. but nfs shift is not working... can anybody help...
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  1. Either you are referring to the 740g chipset (onboard video is 2100) or the x2100 which is an extremely old card.

    Either of which are unlikely to play this game decently.

    What specific problem are you having? IE it not starting, black screen, crashing, etc.
  2. Either way it doesn't matter. The video "card" he has won't play the game even if it loads. Time to upgrade. Nothing you can do to make it work.
  3. it;s not starting only..
  4. Time to upgrade. Like years ago.
  5. I agree with everyone else in this thread.
  6. k guys thanks...
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