Help with a graphics card for 4 monitor setup

Hey guys!

I am a complete amateur when it comes to graphics cards so please forgive me if I say some stupid stuff.

So, I have 2 monitors connected to my curreny Graphics card and when I try to connect the third one (it doesn't let me). So, I am guessing my card only supports 2 monitors.
My Eventual goal is to get 4 monitors, so I am thinking of buying a new card to fit my needs right now.

My machine is relatively old. It is a Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz, 4GB of ram.

I have 2 23 inch monitors and another 27inch monitor. Planning to buy a 4th 27inch monitor soon.

Now, the major limitation is the price. I am planning to build a brand new computer in about a year, so I want a card which I can use in my new machine too. At the same time, I am trying not to spend over 150$ (If possible).

Can you guys help me please.
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  1. Also, I was thinking since I already have one graphics card which supports 2 monitors.. can I Just buy 1 more card to support the other two?

    Is it possible?
  2. there are a lot of new amd cards that will do more then one monitor right now. depending on your power supply in your old pc you may want to put in a card that will do what you need of it now and then movie it into the new build. the other option is if your mb has two video card ports to put in another ati or nvidia card. there are a lot of low profile video cards in the 20-30 range..they wont be gaming cards but they will run two monitors. if you dont have another vieo slot but a few free pci slots there are still few pci video cards that are out there. the cheapest way right now would be to look on ebay or if there a local computer swap meet to see if there any pci video cards.
  3. I don't have another video slot it seems (just checked if there is another slot similar to my current video slot.

    But I do have few PCI slots you are right.

    What is the difference between a PCI card and a regular video card??

    Is it advisable to get another PCI card to have two graphics cards or to one graphics card which supports 4 monitors?
  4. the 8800 is nvidia first real gaming chipset..then they shunk it and renamed the chip like the 9x then then 210/250 chipset was a shink of the old 8800. the gt420 is the 400 ser chipset on a card. so it a little faster then the older 8800. if you can post your mb info and power supply is may be better for you to use an ati card then can run 4 or more monitor. most people use a reg pci card on older mb for two monitors that dont need for gaming. newer mb people use the onboard video and one video card.
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