Can i install dual windows 7 OS on my laptop?

hi tom and to the community,

i have a hp-mini netbook that has Windows 7 starter 32-bit in German version, Since i am not good enough to read all their language. Can I install my Windows 7 Professional 32-bit English, together with the Windows 7 32-bit starter German?

I don't want to erase the installed Windows 7 starter 32-bit by the manufacturer.
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  1. Quote:

    Why not just change the language of the manufacturer's installed OS?

    No need to duel boot anything.


    Evidently you have to have Windows 7 Ultimate to do that.

    This seems t have worked for many too, from my research. Never tried it my self though.

    And a Youtube how to.

    thanks for the quick respond shadow.. do you think that it is much easier to install than getting into the system which is hard to read its language? i am still looking for best answer that will fit to my wants.

    i still need help ..
  2. Hi :)

    You cannot do what you want...(both operating systems) so change language is your only option...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Quote:
    If you follow the video tutorial, it should give you a visual reference to go by. That way you don't need to understand the language.

    When you are done, at least 90% of what is on the HDD should be in English. 100% of the OS should be in English.

    Some companies put their own bloat-ware on a computer. Some of it may not get translated. You can uninstall most of it though.

    This is an option too. Though you may need help from a friend who reads German, and it will cost money.:

    Lastly, try calling HP and see if they may be able to help in some way. ie. English replacement disk or such.

    I don't know if your CD-Key would work with another person's English copy of Windows 7 starter, but that may be worth a try too.

    thanks everyone for these words, it gave me an idea which i already managed to solved my problem. what i did is back up my german version, did a clean install with my english version. then i put back every thing from the backup files.

    Thank You all, until next brain freeze again :)
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