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Time to upgrade mobo for i7 2600k

My p8p67 pro went out and now I'm looking at sabertooth z77 as replacement. I just want some opinions on this mobo not completely up to date with the newer features so appreciatesome insight.
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  1. The Sabertooth is ehh because thermal armor isn't necessary, nice to block dust however. I would get the MSI Mpower because it's overclock certified, so overclocking that 2600K is gonna be fun!
  2. Ill take a look. Asrock had an interesting one as well.
  3. mephistois said:
    Ill take a look. Asrock had an interesting one as well.

    Extreme4 is pretty nice!
  4. If your case supports E-ATX, I say go for it if you want it
  5. What performance differences will I see over my old mobo?
  6. To be honest - just a better overclock & you could plug more things into PCI-e slots. I still really recommend the MSI Mpower - its cheaper, and provides for a higher clockspeed, as well as a cheaper price.
  7. Does pcie 3.0 even work with sandy bridge
  8. Nope - that controller is integrated into Ivy Bridge CPUs, but its not really a big upgrade yet.
  9. Only problem I see with mpower is I need more usb 2.0 controllers. The 3.0 have a different connection right?
  10. USB 3.0 is backwards compatible so you can use 2.0 devices on 3.0 ports. Also, the board has plenty of headers for USB 2 for your case.
  11. Nice I will be taking it into serious consideration. Doing some reading dont know what the z77 platform offers over just replacing with same board
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    Z77 is great because it offers support for plenty of PCI/PCI-e lanes, it handles overclocking well, it supports plenty of RAM at a variety of clockspeeds, as well as a lot of SATA connectors + RAID.
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