Hello. need help with airflow

hello guys. im new to this kind of stuff regarding systems builds and how to optimize them. i spent about 30 mins reading all of the threads related to what im gonna ask: how do i get a good airflow on my computer case? so far im just using the default fans that came with my case.

so far this is the build and case i currently have

GPU ... 6814125353
CPU ... 6819103851
Heatsink ... 6835103065
MOBO ... 6813131631
Power Supply ... 6817139020
RAM ... 6820231277
Case ... 6811119197

this is a picture of how everything is setup inside the case

i read that for this kind of stuff it would be better a 5 fans configuration with 2 exhaust, one at top and one at front and 2 intakes, one at bottom and one at the rear. im still doubtfull what should i put in the side panel and where the fans should be facing. i figured you would need a picture of how everything is installed in the case to give a better idea of how the airflow should be. i would really appreciate it
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    Route those cables behind the mobo tray and cinch 'em down with zipties. Get to that cable management, son. lol. This is one of the best things you can do to help with airflow.

    The newegg link, showing your case, was broken. From the looks of your mediafire link, it appears that you have the HAF 922. If you don't already have a 200mm fan on your side panel, get one. Set it up as an intake. Set your front fans up so that they are intaking air. Then setup the rear and top fans as an exhaust. Here's a diagram as to how you want the air to flow in your case.

    Then, of course, you'll want to make sure the side 200mm fan is intaking cool air. This will help cool down your GPU.
  2. thank u very much. ill work on that cable management as soon as i get my new fans to install. the top one for some reason died. i figured ill have to do the cable managment sooner or later but i didnt actually thought it would help with airflow. thank you very much :)
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