Sapphire 7850 OC Edition - Poor Performance?

Hi, this is probably my 3rd topic ever started on this extremely helpful forum and am in some desperate need of some help!

Around a month ago I purchased a brand new Sapphire Radeon 7850 OC Edition Graphics card to upgrade from my HD Radeon 6850. I didn't expect a massive performance boost in gaming, however I did expect at least something noticeable.
My 6850 ran BF3 in Medium-High custom settings at around 45-50 fps quite well, however this 7850 on Medium-High custom settings still runs at the same 45-50fps. While this isn't poor, I was hoping for something around the 60fps mark with this almost high tier card?

These are the specs I currently run at:
HD Radeon 7850 (OC Edition)
AMD Phenom 960T Black Edition x4 3.0GHZ
16GB Corsair DDR3 RAM

Monitor Res: 1680x1050

I really don't know why I'm getting this FPS when I think I should be getting a lot more. On my Catalyst Control Panel nothing is being forced and everything is put to Application Settings. I disabled Windows Aero but it had no avail on my FPS.

Thank in Advance for the help! I hope I can get this sorted.
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  1. Ok, is there anyway to improve this? I assume OCing it would work? What level would I need to OC it too?
    I was told on my post whether to buy this card or not, I would not suffer from any bottlenecking?
  2. No you don't need to overclock and the HD 7850 should get you constant 60 FPS at that resolution @ ultra settings.

    Express uninstall your CCC drivers, install the latest ones from AMD website.
  3. I was on a 6870 and my x6 1055T (2.8) was a huge bottleneck. I,m Currently OC'd at 3.7 but a 3.5+ should be good for you I guess.

    I often see people going from Nvidia to AMD or vice vercea and not doing a full OS reinstall. Is it just me or do others feel that to get the absolute best performance a 10-20 minute re install of Windows wouldnt hurt ?
  4. I seem to be having a problem many other people had, when I install the latest 12.4 drivers it seems to install 12.3 instead? Any ideas?
  5. Well, even if it did install the 12.4s it didn't do anything, still getting with everything on medium 45-50 fps :(
  6. Try benching on something like 3dmark and compare. Also what PSU r u on ?
  7. I'm currently on a 550w Corsair PSU which should support my graphics card. With 3DBench I cannot get an accurate figure as it costs money to get the "Advanced" version which would allow me to change graphical options such as resolution.

    Thanks again.
  8. The PSU is fine.. Do you have any other graphic demanding game to see if the performance is same as before?
  9. I have a few good graphically intensive games, for example Crysis on ultra high I get a stable 60+FPS in all types of area. Two Worlds 2 I can run maxed out in 100+ FPS. Games such as GTAIV and Splinter Cell: Conviction run like garbage though. 30 FPS on GTA and around 15-20 on Splinter Cell. Skyrim maxed out inc. Shadows and AA I get 60FPS+

    If you need anymore info, just ask :)
  10. No, I Mean do you know if there is an increase in Crysis FPS since youve upgraded?
  11. Oh, yes, Crysis would lag in open areas on High on the 6850, however with this card as I said, I get 60fps in Ultra High in all areas.
  12. I actually think its some sort of Vsync in game, it sure is an odd issue, I get this aswell with my 6870. I can go from low to high and it NEVER gets above 47fps exactly. I disabled Vsync in drivers + game, still it just will not get above exactly 47 :/

    So, just food for thought.
  13. Oh then buddy the topic should have been tagged 7850 Poor performance in BF3 :p

    All other drivers and patches up to date?

    Try the 12.6 and see.
  14. Interesting. In BF3 I do get above 47. I can get up to 60 in closed areas, but my card is underperforming to only get 45 in open areas on maps like Operation Metro.
  15. Yeah, all patches should be up to date, but I'll try the 12.6 as when downloading the 12.4 drivers, it didn't upgrade like many peoples. How do I go about installing the 12.6 drivers? Would I express uninstall my CCC drivers?
  16. Yea, U can use driver sweeper to get an absolute clean wipe b4 u install 12.6
  17. Ok thanks, I'll report back when I've installed it and ran BF3.
  18. You might try overclocking your cpu.I think it's bottlenecking your gpu a bit since gta and splinter cell run like crap.Mostly though might be due to bad drivers.
  19. Drivers installed and registered as 12.6 yet the FPS is still 45-55 with everything on medium.
  20. 12.3, 12.4 and 12.6 must be dodgy then :/ I just wanna get BF3 to play in High @ 60fps :(
  21. On high settings, on that map I'm pulling 45 FPS when looking down the large roads where everything is rendered in, 60 in the alleyways and 90 in the buildings. Did a quick test on Operation Metro too;
    Outside (First Spawn Area) looking from US Spawn to RUS Spawn 40 FPS inside looking down train line 50 FPS. Inside small areas 90 FPS. Most maps are the same, and maps like Caspian Border border on 25 FPS
  22. Are there any other issues that would make the card under perform? Would checking to see if it's inserted properly into the PCI slot help? If it really is a Bottleneck, I'll invest in a non-stock cooler and OC to around 3.6GHZ and see if that helps. I really have no clue as to why this reasonable card is pulling dissapointing FPS. If it is a driver issue, then drivers from 12.3-12.6 are the issue :(
  23. Ok, I'll do that soon. If the card isn't inserted into the PCI slot properly, would it give low FPS?
  24. Hi there, i just register in this forum to answer!

    Whoever sayed that HD 7850 wouldnt get a bottleneck from your phenom II, he was wrong!

    I am planning to buy a gigabyte HD 7850 OC, and i have a Phenom II 945 OC to 3.5ghz

    I have been searching all the web related posts, and i found so many answers and proofs!

    Phenom II is bottlenecking HD 7850, anyway in only some games (very CPU dependent games), and most of the times is not a great bottleneck that may hate yourself for buying it (AN good example is that i gonna buy it anyway, and i hate bottleneck)

    For example, GTA IV is and SSD/CPU dependent!
    Splinter cell conviction one of the baddes ports i ever played, even with my HD 5770 it runs with those fps you mentioned and with very low GPU usage.

    Let me teach you something!
    When a CPU is bottlenecking, you usually get the same FPS in different games settings, if you put your BF3 on low, medium, high or maybe even ultra you wil get the same FPS, cause your CPU dont let you have more!

    One of the ways to solve this, is a new cpu (i advice for ivy, sandy bridge processors) or overclock the hell all of it, you dont get all the performance you want by overclocking it, but it will help a lot!

    One of the things you can do to monitor your bottleneck is to install MSI Afterburner and monitor your GPU usage, if your usage is below 99% you are getting bottleneck, <80% is starting to be a good bottleneck, <60% is a big one!

    You can notice for example, if you have v-sync and game capped to 60fps, its normal that your GPU have not a full load usage, since its capped to 60fps and its a good thing.

    THe problem is when you have low framerate, and low GPU usage
    BTW not having CPU 100% full load, doesnt mean you arent bottleneck by it!

    Hope i had help!
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