Computer won't boot after installing a liquid cooling system

So I just bought myself a liquid cooling system today, and after installing it, my computer won't boot at all. I got an Antec Kuhler H2O 620 liquid cooling system, and when i got everything all plugged in and back to normal, I press the power button and nothing happens, no fans, no hard drives, nothing. I have tried everything I can think of, and nothing seems to work. I know that my computer is receiving power because when I plugged my mouse into the usb port, the LED's on it light up, so I am at a loss as to what is happening.
My specs are:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition CPU
RAM: 8GB Patriot RAM
Video Card: Evga Geforce GTX 550 TI
Motherboard: ASRock N68C-GS FX
500 Watt Power supply

Thanks in advance
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  1. CPU power connector plugged into the mainboard? All the cables are properly connected?
  2. Im pretty sure, i've triple checked everything. I can try to upload some pictures if you want
  3. Sure - very odd situation you have there by the way, hopefully its very solvable. Never heard of the mouse working but nothing else.
  4. so im on my dads mac, and i can't find the link to upload pictures, do you have an email i can maybe send the pictures to?
  5. If you press the little picture photo by the mail & quote button in Add a reply, you can insert your image.
  6. i cant find a way to do it on my dads mac, or ipad, or my blackberry
  7. It shouldn't be that hard if you put the photos on your drive.
  8. i downloaded them both onto my dads mac and ipad, and took them from my blackberry. is it the thing where you post a link?
  9. Upload it to like, photobucket, and share the link here
  10. I think I just figured it out, I had the power switch wired to the wrong outlet, I'll let you know if anything else acts up. Thanks for the quick reply
  11. Anytime, happy computing + boxing day!
  12. well, I now have everything running, except now nothing is showing up on my screens :$ I have two screens set up, so during start up, everything shows up on one screen until it gets to the login screen, where it switches to my main screen, but nothing is showing up on either. any ideas? sorry for the trouble
  13. Did you properly reconnect your GPU + the cables?
  14. yep, ive tried both of my connecters that fit into the gpu. Could it have something to do with the red switch on the back of the psu right beside the plug?
  15. No I meant the connectors like VGA + DVI
  16. oh. ya theyre both connected properly. Everything was working perfectly a few hours ago before i put the liquid cooling in, and it just started to not work after I installed it
  17. Very very odd, try reconnecting the GPU, and running just one monitor. Never use both btw - use ONLY DVI, because VGA is garbage, using a splitter cable.
  18. my gpu has 2 dvi ports, so thats why I am using both of them, and using just one port still doesn't work
  19. Interesting, try booting the system with no GPU? Or you don't have onboard graphics?
  20. the motherboard has a vga slot, so i'll try that and see what happens
  21. Lemme know
  22. so that didn't work either. The monitor says it can't detect a signal at all. I noticed that when I had it plugged into the gpu, that my main monitor was just black, it didn't have the message that says its not connected, but I'm not sure if that means anything
  23. Hmm, very interesting, so the system is definitely online, what brand is your PSU?
  24. Its a dynex
  25. Maybe it's not outputting enough watts.
  26. that might be it, but i can't find anywhere where it says the power needed for the cooling system, but I know i have enough power for everything else
  27. Well, Dynex honestly doesn't sound reliable to me, but thats just me - try unplugging your DVD drives & hard drives, see if it'll post.
  28. ok ill try that
  29. i unplugged my disk drive and the hard drive that doesn't have my OS on it, and that didn't do anything. I might just take it into canada computers tomorrow and see if they can do anything about it
  30. I doubt they can, its very odd this happened. So everything powers on, but nothing comes on screen? Is there a little light on your motherboard on?
  31. im not sure, ill take a look. Another thing that might be a problem is the little wires that you plug the power button and restart button and stuff, when I had them plugged in one way, but on the correct set of pins, it didn't work, but then I rearranged the wires and it turned on. Im not sure if that has anything to do with it though
  32. That's odd, you may wanna fiddle with those a little more, and consult the motherboard manual.
  33. i'll take a look
  34. and i just checked my motherboard, and I couldn't see any lights. the only light was the light by the power button
  35. Most motherboards have a little LED on them to signify they're getting power from the PSU - you might not have this LED, or your motherboard may have died.
  36. i dont think my motherboard has an led. here is my motherboard if it helps
  37. It has onboard graphics so the VGA port is supposed to work, looks like your board may have died. Try booting with one DIMM of RAM.
  38. ok ill try that. its weird though, because I just bought my motherboard maybe 2 and a half months ago
  39. It sometimes happens - could be a result of shorting out due to a poor PSU. You may wanna replace that in time.
  40. i might buy a new one tomorrow then. Everything on my computer except for my psu has been bought after the middle of september of this year, so it should all work fairly well. ill bring it in to the shop tomorrow and see what they say there
  41. I still think you shouldn't bother, because they'll probably give you a dumb excuse to spend more money for no reason. I would try putting in a different PSU & a replacement board if anything.
  42. i dont have anymore psu's or motherboards that are able to power my video card or anything
  43. I searched Dynex PSUs... not trust worthy, not worth the price, mediocre, garbage, etc, so your PSU may have killed your motherboard :/
  44. i might just buy some new stuff tomorrow then
  45. You may wanna try using a different motherboard, and if it boots, replace the PSU.
  46. my other motherboard isn't compatible wiht my cpu or my ram, so that won't work
  47. thanks for your help, i appreciate it
  48. Your welcome man, goodluck, hopefully everything will work out for you.
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