MSi 7850 Twin Frozr III/OC

I just built my tower this past Sunday, and I got everything off without a hitch. However, this morning, as I was going to check on a download, I turned on my monitor and it said "No DVI Signal." The computer was still running though, so I just assumed my graphics card stopped working overnight. I did a hard reboot, restarted my Steam DL, turned off the monitor, then went and took a shower. 15-20 minutes later, came back and turned on the monitor, only to find the same issue. No DVI Signal. Any thoughts as to what could be the problem?

MY build:

Asrock z77 Extreme4
CM Hyper212 Evo
8Gb Corsair VEngeance LP 1600
500Gb WD Re4 7200RPM 64Mb cache
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  1. I asked someone at work, and he told me that he thinks it could just be an issue with Win7, where when the screen turns off after 10-15 minutes, or whatever it's set at in the "Power Settings" section in the Control Panel. When you try to wake the screen up again there's no signal. Thus, a hard reboot is required.
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    Yes, go into your control panel, system settings, performance information and tools, and adjust power settings and then change plan settings and tell it to never turn off pc or never turn off display
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