I've got 2x SLI MSI N560GTX TI TWIN FROZR II OC EDITION cards in my pc and ive started to do some mild overclocking but ive run into a problem with afterburner my cards do allow for Voltage Adjustment but when i try and Up the voltage and press apply it automatically sets the voltage back to 1.012V which is the default ive tried 1.013v and even downclocking to 1.000V but it just resets it every time. Any help would be appreciated. ive got a Cougar CM1000 watt feeding both cards its a Bronze Certified PSU with 6 12V rails. rails 1-4 are 24A and 5-6 are 28A. If that helps any.
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  1. The Same Question ur are asking but diffrent Card : hope it helps
  2. hmm thats not my problem i can see my voltage meter and make adjustments to the voltage but its when i press apply the voltage resets to stock instead of the voltage i typed in.
  3. nevermind was able to fix
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