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How is the i5-3570k at video editing?

I would also be using a GTX 670 while amateur video editing (using HD footage) on Adobe Premiere CS6. I was about to buy my build ( if you're curious) but I just got the opinion on not buying the i5-3570k. It's currently late to make the change to an AMD counterpart as I'm a LOT more comfortable with my knowledge of Intel CPUs and I'm buying the build tonight. I was just hoping that the i5-3570k (alone or with the GTX 670) would be satisfactory.
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  1. The Intel Core i5 3570K is a great choice due to the fact it has HD 4000 graphics to help shorten rendering times - but find out about the application you use, maybe it'll benefit more from having more threads, if thats the case you may want a 3770K.
  2. Oh okay thank gosh. You just alleviated a lot of my stress (I'm a first time builder and I'm pulling the trigger tonight). I did hear a bunch of positive things about going to the 3770K for video editing but should I sacrifice the 120GB SSD that I have (So I would only have 1 HDD) to generate the funds to make the CPU improvement? Do you think it's worth it? My priorities is that I wouldn't mind a few more seconds of rendering time each time if it meant I'd save $100 on the CPU. And what if I put the program (Adobe Premiere CS6) on the SSD? Would that help more?
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    If you're using Adobe programs for video editing, you may wanna go & jump for the 3770K - but then again, SSDs help a lot, maybe you could drop the HDD for now, find one around your house to use temporarily or just buy one a few weeks/months down the road?
    EDIT: I would only recommend the 3770K if you're very serious about doing video editing very often honestly. If once in a while, you'll probably just wanna stick with that 3570K.
  4. Do you know of a good benchmark list for video editing highlighting the difference between the 3570K and 3770K that I could understand? I'm hoping to do some video editing every day using HD footage but wouldn't have qualms about having a few seconds extra every time I render if it meant saving me money. I'm looking into more about cost-efficiency in this build and can always upgrade later down the road. But if the difference really is substantial, I'm more than willing to shell out the extra $100.
  5. Thank you for that chart! That totally just changed my mind towards getting a 3770K instead. So the i7-3770K is the same thing as the i5-3570K except that it has hyper-threading on?
  6. That, and, more cache + higher stock speed, so there is slightly better performance between the two if you forget about hyper threading.
  7. Thank you for all your help man! You've convinced me. I'm buying the 3770k! And the rest of my build as well!
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  9. Glad I could help! Have fun building it, good luck, happy computing!
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