Looking for a nice well ventilated small case...

My friend is helping me setup a network storage computer. I currently have the drobo FS and the transfer rate is terrible and i hate the software. Im gonna try n sell the thing but in the meantime i wanna get this new computer built.

The main component im gonna need to look at is the case. I want something very small and has room for lots of air flow and fans. I dont want something way too cramped where im craming cords in and blocking off air flow. I had a bad experience building a tiny computer before so i need some good recommendations.

Im gonna most likely getting some micro atx mobo or what ever fits the bill, so ill take any good suggestions that are the size of a mini tower or what have you, like the typical cases u get if you were to buy a compact desktop at bestbuy. Im gonna be using either 1 or 2 lan cards so i can get the full benefit of my gigabit home network. Not sure about the lan cards, my friend said id need either 1 or 2 so i can hook up 2 ethernet cables to it.

Not quite sure but id love some suggestions on getting the full benefit of a gigabit router for backing up all my data and trasfering media between computers.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Did i post this in the wrong section or something? Why exactly didnt i get a single reply? I need some advice so i can get this build started.

    - Thanks
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