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How Can I Open The Nvidia Physx And I Heard That this Physx improves Games or Run in smoothly? 2- IN the 3D Setting Or when i enable it it means that i must wear a glasses Or the 3D Of What?!! SORRY FOR Stupid Questions =P
it's nvidia 430 GT 2 Gb>>
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    The glasses are for the 3D vision that Nvida has, Which the 430GT might have problems keeping the Frame rate up for 3D Vision.

    But the Physx doesn't help performance, its a visual quality setting, enabling it will make things such as a flag in the wind more fluid moving. But Physx is only used in a hand full of games, here is a list of games the Physx works in

    Physx does not work in every game such as Battlefield 3, it indeed has physics, but it is done on the CPU which is called Havoc, It does the physics on the CPU no matter what GPU you own.

    To enable the Physx I can't remember off hand on my old 9800gt. Its in the advanced view in Nvida Control Panel. I run an ATI 5850 so I forget where the setting is.
  2. thx Bro but i cant use the 3D Glasses? it's bad on my card?
  3. You can, But I cant remember how much FPS you need for it to work properly, Normally 60fps if more then enough, but I think you would need a 120hz monitor and 120fps on the game your playing to use the glasses right.

    I could be totally wrong, I have never used 3D Vision from Nvidia, so I can't tell to much about it.
  4. if i used the 3D glasses And Effects it may LAGS THE GAME?! xD If It will I Wont Use it
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