Fonts have gone transparent?

EDIT 2: Hm, strange... Everything is fine now. If I did something, not sure what worked exactly, but I won't argue :P

Got a strange issue. I've been doing some fiddling recently with customizing Windows 7 (specifically, installing Rainmeter and trying to install custom themes). When I tried to install a theme, however, I ended up with font troubles. Apparently it wrote over some of the main fonts and, oddly enough, made the font show up transparent in some places. (a specific example is in a folder I created on the desktop) Is there a way to restore the fonts completely to default? I've tried restoring to defaults in font settings, but no-go.

What do you guys think? I'm thinking I should give up custom themes for a bit until I can make a restore point :P (I like to dive into things like this. Keeps it challenging, you know :P )

EDIT: Forgot to mention that this is all on the 64 bit version!
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  1. Try:

    >Right click on desktop
    > Then select the Basic (Windows 7 theme)

    That should change the fonts back or at least get you back to the start again.

    If not it's just a fonts option.
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