Whats wrong with my new bult computer

My new custom bult budget pc (700$) that I made about 3 days ago doesn't turn on. Well I mean it does turn on because my fans are glowing and I can hear them but my monitor,keyboard, and mouse are all unactive/unreconized. After around 3 or 4 tries, my computer turns on and everything works, but within 20 seconds, it freezes again, stay on the most recent frame, and everything is inactive again(exept the pc itself). So I'm just wondering if you guys had this problem before or know what to do or know what's wrong.

My specs:

Radeon hd 7750 video card
430w power supply
4gb ddr3 ram
500gb hdd
Amd phenon quad core 3.4ghz (or somthing like that, not sure)
970A-G46 motherboard

I suspect its the motherbord because everything else is working fine, and my psu is definetly enough to power my entire computer, but still, what do you think?
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  1. Well what I would do is re-seat everything. Take it all apart and try again.

    Else try booting with a Single RAM stick inserted (if that 4 gig RAM is multiple sticks).
    There could be dustunder the CPU socket? Try GENTLY cleaning in (blow on it lightly). Make sure thermal paste didnt leak around the socket?

    Umm... when you say nothing on screen does that include the motherboard/RAM/HDD/POST check thats happens before Windows starts? and Do the Keyboard/mouse never come on even when you get windows running?
  2. sounds like you have a weak or bad power supply. i would not keep turning the pc on and off as you may be killing the motherboard. if you have a local micro center or best buy pick up a larger and better power supply. (cosair or other name brand power supply). also unplug all your extra fans and hard drives. just have one stick of ram and the cpu fan plugged in. if the mb has onbord video then pull your gpu. if it boots and does not lock up..power down and put the video card in. if it lock up with the video card it a power issue or video card.
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