Pegatron Narra5 Motherboard , What is the PSU?

Trying to figure out whether it is worth it or not to upgrade my graphics card on my Compaq cq5110y . Its got an AM Athlon 7550 Dual core, with 2.5 ghz , 3gb ram , running vista 2 and the current card is a Ge Force 6150 SE Nforce 430 that wont run Diablo III (which is my whole inspiration )

The motherboard is a Pegatron NARRA5 . Im trying to determine the PSU on the motherboard to figure out what graphic cards are compatible. Anyone got any info on what the PSU is or how to determine it?

or alternately what graphic cards would work with the desktop ?

Thanks !
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  2. Thanks rolli59. How do you determine the PSU wattage ? Im interested in learning more
  3. It is stated in the specs for your computer. (in the link) It would as well be somewhere on a sticker on the PSU itself.
  4. Scrolled right past it the first time.. Thanks again
  5. The HD7750 specs say PCI-E 3.0 x16 , the specs for the Compaq dont specify if the PCI-E x 16 is 3.0 or what, how does one determine that information ?
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  7. The PCIe std is fully backwards compatible so it will work fine what ever version slot it is.
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