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I'm looking to build a new htpc and have already made a temporary selection of components for it, I say temporary because I would like some feedback on my components and anything I may have overlooked. Also I am looking at a budget of $500 to $600.

Case: nmediapc 6000B:
Mobo: ASRock 770iCafe:
PSU: Apevia ATX-CW500:
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 645 Propus:
RAM: Kingston HyperX blu (2x4gb):
SSD: OCZ Solid 3 60gb:
HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1tb SATA6.0gb/s:
Optical Drive: LG 14x BD-R:
Fans: IpcQueen 120mm:
and Apevia 80mm:
CPU Cooler: SilenX EFZ-92:

A couple of notes; I definitely want a blu-ray burner and the SSD and my OS will be ubuntu with either XBMC or Myth although I am favoring XBMC since I hear that Myth can be a chore to set up if one isn't an expert which I am not. Also, soundcard yes or no? And the fans are just my paranoia of the components overheating let me know if I'm wasting money.

So please let me know if I am missing anything, using component with too much power (and therefore cost) or too little and anything else yall believe is relevant.
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    1) Get a quality power supply. 400-450 watts from Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling.
    2) You don't need a quad-core processor for strictly media. A dual-core is more than enough.
    3) Don't know enough about SSDs, but I thought I heard that OCZ SSDs were less reliable than other brands (like Corsair M4).
    4) Don't think you need any additional fans. Not sure there are spaces for installation (unless you intend to mod the case).

    See my specs in my signature for the type of power level you need for a strictly media HTPC.

    -Wolf sends
  2. i use
    in my htpc's i have , they never missed a beat yet
    more pricey but i think they worth the xtra $
  3. Thanks a lot! I was a little worried about the psu and it is nice to know that I can get a dual core cpu instead of a quad core, although I should mention that there will be some streaming and I will be playing some emulators but a dual core should handle that if I'm not mistaken. And I should of mentioned 3 of the fans are replacements for the case fans and 1 is for an extra space in the case. One last thing I forgot to add in my original post and that is that I have a Radeon HD 5550 card I plan on using.

    Thanks again for the fast reply.
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