75% speed on heatsink

i was wondering if my cpu heatsink would be okay at a constant 75% usage witch is around 1500rps. i have a mini itx with a i3 2105 and a gt640, the case is a mini case so not alot of air flow and i cranked up the heatsing fan to cool it better. do you think it will wear out faster or any other side effects?
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  1. It will wear out faster but most fans have min 100,000hrs guarantee which is more than 11 years so you do not have anything to worry about.
  2. thank you very much for your help, by doing this it now idles at 31c wich is beter then the 36c. i know that that is not a real critical level at 36c but i would prefer it run cooler because it is a light gaming lan box. i have seen it while playing minecraft jump to 44c do to its tight space, this should help keep it cooler while gaming.
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