PSU Recommendations?


I need a new PSU for my computer since my last one died on me. I'm also looking to upgrade my old cpu to a phenom x4 or x6, so I may need some room for power.

My specs:

M2N68-LA motherboard
AMD Athlon II X2 240
Diamond Radeon HD 6670 2GB GDDR3

I was thinking of getting the CX-500 or CX-600 but I see mixed reviews on it.
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  1. Yes, a CX 500w will do, even a CX430w or an antec vp-450 will do if you want to save some $.
  2. would the XFX Pro550 or Pro650 be a good choice?
  3. yes , lots of room to grow
  4. Of course it will, they're quality psus made by seasonic, though, you'll only need 550w for that setup, or even 450w will do for such card and cpu.
  5. So i'm going to get the XFX PRO550, just making sure that can this psu still be powerful enough with the new phenom cpu?
  6. more than enough , I run a 550 watt on an fx8350 , plenty of power
  7. Ok, Thanks for the help
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