Help Blank Screen gtx570

When I plug in my gtx 570 in either pci express ports alls I get is a black screen.

The card's fan turns on and seems to work, but I get nothing on the screen.

If i take the card out, the system works perfectly fine and boots into windows.

I checked the bios to see if there is any inference with the 3570k's on-board graphics but the bios said that preference was given to the pcie slot.

Maybe I am justing missing or overlooking something?

My system is: asrock z77 extreme 4, i5 3570k, corsair tx750
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  1. if the bios is set to display video out of the pcie slot then it seems like you may have a dead card....I would try resetting the cmos first (take out the mobo battery for at least 30 seconds and replace) before you RMA the card
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