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hi everyone.... i need your suggestions & opinion regarding my built.

i2500k "Sandy bridge" CPU
MSI P67 C43 MD
Ripjaw DDR3 1333 8GB ram
Chronos SDD 120GB
Antec 750watts Highcurrebt game PSU
MSI GTX670 2GB pci 3.0 graphics card
OS: W7 ultimate 64bit

i want to upgrade to:
i3570k (or as long as ivy bridge to support my pcie 3.0 card)
MSI G45 Z77 MB sli/crossfire support (to support my pcie 3.0 card)
DDR3 1600 (just a few bucks so why not)

Will this new upgrades be good or if you could suggest a better brand/parts please do. My Budget for this 3 upgrade is 350-400, i'm in APO address so all free shipping/promos is n/a. I want to make sure coz the money spent is a bit serious :D
new gamer here, playing: NBA2k12, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, so far all played in ultra settings.
thanks everyone
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  1. That's not a brilliant upgrade.
  2. why? it's not worth the money? my friend will buy the cpu, MB, ram... i will just add up $120 to buy all new parts..
  3. There will be hardly any performance gain from this upgrade.
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    Hardly seems worth the hassle.

    Your rig, as it stands, is still just enjoy it and save your upgrades for when a significant performance jump is available.
  5. May be get a great monitor and speakers.
  6. I got Bose speakers companion 3, but my monitor is 720p, i'll sell it for 1080p.. i guess i will hold the upgrades for now and do my monitor... thanks to all
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