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No Internal LCD display

I have a Dell Latitude D830 laptop which comes with an nvidia quadro nvs series video card.
About a month ago, the LCD display of my laptop stopped working, but the external display worked fine.
When I took it to a computer technician, he said that there was a problem with the nvidia chipset, which isn't supplying the video output to the LCD display of the laptop.


Is there any possible way to make changes to my laptop so that the output display is obtained from the intel processor rather than the video card?

The technician also recommended that I do not purchase nvidia cards in the future adding that they were unreliable and won't last for more than 2 years.( He had many customers who had problems with their laptop/desktop video cards. All of them were nvidia )

What's your opinion on this??

Thank you for your time.......
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    well seeing that this is an older laptop the processor cannot supply video....that can only be done on the newer generations of i series cpus....proly what you mean is can you switch to the integrated video chipset built into the motherboard? To that I am gonna also say no...most older laptops dont allow you to do this...I have a laptop from 2010 that has a second generation i5 and it doesnt even allow me to switch over to onboard graphics in 2d mode...i dont agree with the tech on the dont buy nvidia cards but everyone has their opinion.
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