I7 3770K only picking up 2 logical cores. Please help!!!

i have a laptop which i keep my games and everything on. i just bought a new gaming desktop to put my stuff on. i cloned my drive and put it in my new computer. i got everything working but i noticed that my CPU moniter, task manager, and msconfig.exe were reading my cpu as if it had 2 logical cores instead of 8. i think the problem is that the clone thinks that the cpu has 2 cores because my laptop had 2 cores. i need help with making my computer read ALL the cores. my specs are in the info about my computer. if more info is needed it is on newegg. it is called CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme 1348 Desktop. thanks.
P.S. i sent my computer back due to a graphics card that went out. the problem might be fixed with the new computer. this is just a precaution if it is not fixed.
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  1. Bro you NEVER clone your drive when switching computers BIG NO NO. Wipe the desktop drive, do a fresh install, and just deal with installing all your games again.
  2. well can i do a fresh install of windows and restore from a backup on the desktop from the laptop?
  3. I wouldn't even bother with the back up, that will probably replicate the issue.
  4. thanks, i will work on it and send a reply when it is done.
  5. Good luck man
  6. im extremely surprised the clone actually worked. normally when you switch motherboards you have to switch windows activation keys so your laptop install wouldnt work on your desktop.
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    Yea, fresh install will fix it.

    If you have games on steam, you can backup the steamapps folder (Usually in C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps), install steam on the new computer then copy all the steam files back in... that will save time installing some games. Stand-alone installs will have to be redone however. Some older games that don't have any sort of DRM will copy over but I wouldn't even bother.
  9. wait, my OS on both computers is going to be windows 7 professional. what if i used a crossover cable and transferred the data that way?
  10. That works, just not for games really.
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