650-700 pounds to upgrade my current system

Hi guys, I current,y have around 700 pounds to upgrade my current system, and I was hoping for some suggestions.

Here is my rig:

Amd phenom 1100t black edition overclocked to 4.21 ghz

Antec h20 920 CPU cooler

2 his ice q turbo radeon 6950's in crossfire

8gb gskill 1600 MHz ram

1tb western digital caviar black hard drive

60gb ocz agility 3 boot drive

Asus crosshairs formula v motherboard

850 ocz gold rated power supply

Standard lg DVD rw

My primary use for the system is gaming at high res.
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  1. What things aren't you satisfactory with, most things on there seem fine to me.
    You could go for a single GPU card, sell those.
    GTX 670 or 7970

    I'd suggest a new 27 Inch monitor from Korea.
    Look up Yamakasi Catleap.
  2. what your stance on the 680??
  3. davedavidson1987 said:
    what your stance on the 680??

    In some cases, 670 out performs 680.
    You save $100 and with 700 pounds you could always go 670 SLI.
    Which is extremely good.

    3 fan GPU card, amazing and silent.
    I plan to SLI 670 in the future if I experience too big of a frame drop when I get my 2560x1440 monitor. :P
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