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Hi guys i cant make my mind up whether or upgrade my pc or not, i worry that it is very outdated and antiquated but yet i dont know whether it will continue a bit longer.
Its a AMD Athlon II x2 220
Nvidia GT 250 1GB
250GB Hard Drive
Windows 7
AS rock N68 GS3 UCC

It suprises me sometimes like it played sleeping dogs at 1080x768 with everything high and although driving fast was a little choppy i was alright with it.
It plasy things like Stalker Fallout 3 Deus ex Human Revoloution, Half Life 2 at 1080x768 with everything full and it plays those amazing well.
But i brought the THQ pack from Steam for £19.99 and would like to pla ythe likes of Metro 2033 etc on at least medium.

So anyway guys should i upgrade for the future and if so what to or just keep with this as i play at low resoloution and am prepared to play on low future games.
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  1. well, if your games run well, then i would not worry about upgrading. you might want to look into upgrading in the future when games are going to become more resource intensive.
  2. You probably only need to dust your heatsink & upgrade your graphics card IMO, upgrading the GPU will help you A LOT.
  3. It's doing well because you are playing at 1024x768. Plug in a 1080 monitor and try playing sleeping dogs on high.

    Play metro2033. If it plays well at settings you like, then no need to upgrade. If it looks bad, then you'll need a new system. Your ram amount is ok, but a lower end dual core will have issues playing games as wel as your GPU.
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