CPU Temps quite high.

Hi people!

I'm currently having an issue regarding CPU temps.
My setup includes a m4A89GTD PRO USB3 mobo, XFX PRO650, an old 9400GT and AMD 110T x6, cooled by a recently installed 212 EVO and assembled inside a HAF 922 with the stock fans. No OC has been applied to my machine, BTW.

Since I installed the 212 a week ago, my idle temps sit around 22-28 degrees celsius, while my little load temps (playing flash games, Lineage II, or decoding 1080p videos using madVR) are around 40-50. This seemed quite odd to me, so I reapplied the TP (Arctic Silver 5), re-seated the HS and tried again. My temps remain unchanged.

Could it be the TP? The one I bought is like a year and a half old.

Could it be the GPU? Decoding 1080p videos and playing Lineage 2 on 1920-1080 seem like a huge burden on this card, yet still it manages to tag along. Could it be the CPU is actually helping the GPU process data, and thus, raising my CPU usage and temps?

What other causes should be considered under these circumstances?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. madvr uses both cpu and gpu(or any decoding software), depending on the settings you have it can have a higher usage, so if you're gaming and decoding naturally you'll have those temps.
    Check the cpu usage in the process and gpu usage.
  2. Tried to do both at the same time, with madvr under Exclusive mode, and I got temps nearing 57-58. Each instance of a decoding video takes from 18-25% CPU usage.

    However, the CPU usage while testing the temps never rose above 50%, yet still I got some nasty high values.

    Oh, I forgot to mention this temps are being measured during the first power cycle after re-seating the HS. I followed the instructions from AS website about applying the TP in the center. Is this a recommended method for applying the TP to a six-core processor? I fear the paste might have not spread enough to cover the entire metal cap.
  3. Dude thats not bad for an older, hexacore CPU, IMO. You could be getting 50 on idle, THAT WOULD BE BAD LOL. Run Prime95 on it and report to us your temps with it on 100% load, that'll be the judge.
    EDIT: Also, you do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT WANT THERMAL PASTE TO COVER THE WHOLE HEAT SPREADER. Just over the area for the die to transfer heat directly - if the thermal paste covered the whole cap that means the heat is wandering all over the paste above the cap, make the heat transfer worse.
  4. Yeah, that's a 6-core processor?

    And it's old. And it's AMD...

    Those temps are fine.
  5. Ok, I'll try what you guys suggested, thanks!
    BTW, I wanted to know how accurate is the temp sensor under Thubans...
    I'm using CPUID HW Monitor, and I'm wondering if the temps I read there are the real ones. Oh, and what temps should I read? The "CPU" one, or the "Core" ones?=
  6. Pretty accurate but I'm telling you the temps are good man, don't worry about it.
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